Escort girls in france and especially in Paris.

From the time we do not remember sex and business were mixed together. Who will not agree with me?

Sex in France is everywhere. Every business deal in France leads to a free sex with an escort girl. Only depends what class escort girl will please you, that one for a 100 €, or that one for a 4000 € per hour.

Even government offices supply escort girls to their new partners or deal parts, and every single potential client that would be interested in an escort girl.

These escort girls in France shortens hours between negotiations and helps parties of negotiations to get their breath before next one part of it. Many of escort girls in France do sex with a costumer as it is proper escort girl play.

Even the great luxury Carlton hotel in Paris will supply you with a fantastic and luxury escort girl.

There are many women rights defenders but right to have sex with an escort girl in France is so old that I doubt that any will be able to do something against it.

From a 20 000 prostitutes in France there is only a 100 luxury escort girls that works only in a luxury hotel with a top grand persons, like celebrities or high end businessman or government persons.

Every single of these top end escort girl in France may speak with Multilanguage, all of these women are beautiful and young and well- groomed.

Every single escort girl in Paris must know situation in that country with which country person she will be working to maintain easy and full interest conversation during whole evening.

Women or girl from escort but she must know how to react to everything that may happen during evening, how to act on an official dinner or when or what champagne to order to follow her quality lane.

Yours escort girl will do nothing vulgar or will not act like a prostitute. She is high end escort girl and especially in Paris, so she will act as a lady. There is many types of escort girls and they earn in different way but elite escort girls earn up to €1500 ($2,000 / £1,300) per night.

Will she will be sleeping with you? I think you know answer already.

Now how legal is escort girls on all of it?

To be clear in a France it is illegal to pay women for a sex but prostitution is legal so it is up to you what escort girl to order and how to avoid meeting with a police man.

As a prostitution is legal in France, paying for sex sis illegal, so the police must be able to prove that the sexual act which had taken place was not for pleasure or love, in other words it was for money, and this brings in the human trafficking aspect.

I do not think it is easy to do with an escort girl as she is your night mate and sex partner with her own will, off course for a money reward.

Meanwhile, there is no such thing as a prostitute, call girl, escort girl here in France. They are all interpreters or personal assistants.

Now if you believe that … you will believe anything.